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So I kinda wanna try my hand at making horrible sounds that make ears bleed but I got no rhythm and no idea how to start. I also have no money ha ha.

So does anyone know of any free music making software I could play with?



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There's Finale Notepad. I've never tried it, really, but it doesn't require having money or becoming a pirate. Yarr.



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Ooo that looks interesting. I will definitely have to give that a go!



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Yeah if I were to play with music making I would need something that made the musical sounds as well...because I have no instruments here.



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This doesn't exactly "make music" but it's a great application to edit your recordings or background music. It's called Acoustic Mp3 Audio Mixer. I've had experience with it in the past and it never ceases to help me get my music edited and nicely arranged into an actual song. It's very easy to use as well!


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