Istanbul is a city made it very special, and this place is a part of a part of the Asian continent, the continent of Europe and in the midst of the Roman Empire and made too many monuments and buildings built during the Ottoman Empire. Istanbul was the capital of the world for 1,500 years and first became the capital of the Roman Empire for 1,000 years Istanbul has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire during the last 500 years. Many civilizations lived in Istanbul and was the world capital of culture in 2010. firstly in Istanbul, surrounded by a very large and thick walls and Istanbul was a city very sheltered. The Hippodrome has a capacity of 50,000 people made and this has been used as this is the arena. 2 obelisk brought from Egypt and the milk snake. Finally, the German emperor ottoman

The fountain was built by the sultan as a gift to get. The first inhabitants lived in Greece from Bzanti in Istanbul Golden Horn and the Golden Horn is a natural inner harbor, where the weather is very bad and this was used as a shelter in stormy seas. Istanbul Istanbul is full of the most beautiful buildings OldCity Hagia Sophia and I went here in the middle of the Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian 10,000 people working by the world's largest Orthodox church was built. Last 50 years, Istanbul Hagia Sophia, which is very popular and serves as a museum. He conquest of Istanbul in 1453 and Istanbul Ottoman Sultan Mehmet It became the capital of the empire. Built by Sultan Mehmet the first very large renovation and restoration and the Hagia Sophia mosque in this period have been translated.