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How this can help you: picture challenges allow you to exercise your imagination, which can help in all sorts of ways!

To complete this challenge: post your work in the appropriate area and use the challenge number: pc24 to attribute it to this challenge. For more help see our challenge help page.

Fullsized version here
Image by AlMaNeGrA

Pick one of the activities below for your challenge!

A picture says 1000 words
Write 1000 words exactly about this picture and scene. Create a story behind it and add meaning to the things in it.

Taking in the scenery
Describe the scene you see in graphic detail with enough imagery and description that anyone could picture it in their minds, or draw it from your description.

Stealing inspiration
Not really stealing but let your muse or person look at this picture and gain some sort of inspiration or idea from it and let that idea manifest. Be it in a written piece, drawing, painting, or craft work....let your inspiration take you on a journey.



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That is disturbing.



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It looks like a giant colon!


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