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I will be making a service on Fiverr to make these for others, so I will update this post with a link later...if you want one before then just PM me :).

So my pet went missing...and in my heart break I found myself making posters to put up around the area, and fliers to post in peoples mailboxes. These are those posters and fliers....

Note that I made them a bit faded on purpose, because I would be printing and photocopying many copies (I did over 1000), and if it was too dark it would use up too much ink or make Friday invisible.





Fliers Printed Out
The font turned out to be a lot bigger than I anticipated. I have a bad habit of doing that, but I figure it will make it easier for older people to read so it's not a big deal. Also I can put these on smaller poles etc around the area.



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I hope you find him soon!

Very good job designing these posters and flyers.  They are very easy to read and not too cluttered looking even though they have a lot of information.  Your format could definitely sell really well at the $5 rate if people need someone with knowledge about how to make one for them.



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I did find him, after 44 days! He lost over half of his weight and almost died. He looked and felt like a kitten, it was unreal. His microchip had moved with the weight loss and his collar was hanging around him like it would fall off any minute. He was actually mistaken for a kitten!

He's a fat kitty again now. Here's a recent photo:

And this was taken when I had finally finished vacuuming my mattress and went to get the sheet...I came back to cuddly cat and pounded. My fiancé tried to join us and he glared and put his head and then paw over my arm like "mine" ha ha.


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