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Hey everyone; this is my first post outside of my introduction, so I hope I'm doing it right! If I am mistaken about anything in the way I am posting please let me know so that I can fix it up.

Anyway, I know my art isn't the greatest, but I do work hard at trying to improve it so I like to share it around to places that offer an art section. I mostly draw anthro Animal Crossing-style animals, anthro dragons, and MLP:FiM style ponies.

I do my sketching with a mouse and then do the linework layers using the tools in Paint Tool SAI. For coloring I use Photoshop. My art is drawn pretty big so I screenshotted smaller preview versions with links to the originals on deviantArt underneath the previews.

link || link


link || link

link || link

Thanks for checking my art out! Hopefully some of you guys might like them.



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Hey Slain! Don't worry cause your doing it right :)

Nice work! the most important thing is that your improving, so don't stop yourself from posting your work because you will see improvement with each piece you do and you will be able to look back on that and be proud of yourself :)

Before I had a drawing tablet I used the mouse (like most :P) and I still use the mouse every now and then (mostly for pixel work) but I did see my skills rise when on the tablet.

I've never drawn a animal/human before but I think I will be sometime in the future :)



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Nice work! :D

I like the ponies, it's really cool how those are drawn :D.



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Oh I really love the artwork! If you are improving that is wonderful, so please keep up the good work.  I think your posts are very sweet and I admire your talent!  Please know that I am looking forward to seeing more from you, this is really GREAT!



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Those are pretty good. :)


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