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Series: Jackie Chan Adventures, Chapter 1, Part 1



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A New Evile
A Jackie Chan Adventures FanFiction

Chapter One:

Drago watched intently as his three henchmen held off the Section 13 agents, before turning back and heading towards the safe that imprisoned his father. It was not his father he was after, nor was it the Demon Chi, although he planned on taking that along with the Talismans. No, Drago was after something far more precious; he was after the Mural of Bai Tsa. It wouldn’t bring his aunt to the human world, nor did it really have anything to do with the amphibious demon sorceress. But it had everything to do with her daughter, Drago’s cousin and best friend.

The door of the vault was ripped away easily by Drago, though nothing was much of a challenge for his drag strength. As the teenage half-demon entered the vault, his father immediately acknowledged his presence, “Ah, Drago. So good to see you my son.” But Drago ignored him, completely focused on the stone carving of a beautiful girl and Chinese Kanji telling of how to revive the half-demon spirit trapped inside of it. Lucky for Drago, he knew it was upside down and backwards, or else he would have thought that it was telling him to make a rice soup and chant over it. After removing a lock spell from the Chi Containment unit, Drago began the spell circle, lying the five items that were required to reanimate his cousin, then began chanting the spell in Cantonese.

Just as Jackie Chan, his uncle, his land mass human friend, and Jade rushed in, the large tablet began glowing along with the five items, and Drago laughed at the Chan Clan, “You’re too late!” And to prove it, the Mural of Bai Tsa and the five items shattered and left a gorgeous young woman in its place. Nothing about her was ordinary. Her hair was naturally a lovely, opaque sky blue, her eyes matching the ocean after storm. The girl’s skin was pale, but not too pale, her lower right arm decorated with the twelve incantations of Japanese Kanji that allowed her to control all Shadowkhan, including the two tribes of Shadowkhan that had been believed to be vanquished when their commanding general Oni had been slain at the beginning of Tarakudo’s reign, by, well, her.

She stood tall, five foot ten, and confident, her perfect lips curled into a proud and triumphant smirk. As she landed in the middle of the spell circle gracefully, the Demon Chi of Bai Tsa burst out of the chamber and the newly freed woman absorbed it. With an elegant motion, her right hand rose and she absorbed the rest of the demon chi. Despite Drago’s anger that the girl got it when he had fought so hard only to loose it, he knew that his cousin would need it more. So he didn’t argue, not even when she used her newly acquired chi to bring the Talismans to her. All twelve stones easily came to their creator and floated between the cousins. Drago stretched a scaly hand out and greeted her, “Nice to see you out of stone, Lila.”

Lila grinned, and accepted the hand, stepping out of her resurrection circle. As she stretched her stiff body, she sighed, “Good to be out of it, Drago. I apologize for hogging the Chi, but I required it if I wished to exit the circle.” With a flick of her wrist as she regained a relaxed stance, the Talismans floated and sunk into Drago’s skin, with the simple explanation from Lila, “Consider these an apology, and your reward for resurrecting me will be given to you after we leave this human prison.”

A silent exchange took place between the cousins and Drago vanished, taking his henchmen with him. The disappearance left Lila alone in the vault with the three Chans and Tohru. Soon, they were joined by Captain Black and dozens of agents. They all stared in shock at the girl who looked so human. She was a gorgeous creature, and several male agents couldn’t help but let their eyes linger on her impressive bust, but she drew all eyes to her with her musical and hypnotic voice, “You must be the infamous Jackie Chan, the one who trapped my mother in the Demon Realm for a second time.” Minus the Chans, Tohru, and Captain Black, everyone in the vault was helplessly watching her, all of them in a trance and hanging on every single word that left Lila’s lips

Jackie pushed Jade behind him a bit and replied slowly in his accented voice, “Who is your mother?”

“Why, Bai Tsa of course. The Mural of Bai Tsa is called so because my mother created it, not because it depicts her. Of course, it was never meant to imprison me, it was meant to anchor me to Earth. The immortal who sent her to the Demon Realm, he tried to send me with her, but the Mural protected me, so instead he trapped me inside the one thing keeping me out of the void. I was only an child at the time, but I grew while imprisoned in that slab of rock. That’s why some believe it to be blessed, or cursed. As I grew, the carving changed.” As Lila talked she walked the perimeter of the vault, brushing her fingers against the mask of Tarakudo. She paused at it, and placed her hand over it, letting her body absorb the power and chi from it. She could hear the old man yelling at Jackie to stop her, but the process was over before he could reach her, so instead, he came face to face with a very strong, very agitated Lila.

One hit, that was all it took from her to send Jackie Chan flying back to where he started, taking a few agents down with him. Before anyone else could fight back, Lila vanished, following her cousin’s path to find herself standing amidst towers of junk. Pathetic, but she kept her thoughts to herself. It was easy to spot Drago though, and his henchmen. The three, who were obviously transformed humans simply stared at her as she sauntered over to Drago, who was settled comfortably in a odd chair. The half dragon demon stood and greeted his cousin, “I assume you met Chan and his little friends.”

Lila nodded and perched herself on the hood of a car, thinking aloud, “Yes, quite an odd choice of people to surround yourself with.” The junk yard remained in silence for a bit, before Lila announced, “Drago, catch.” As the young demon did as she ordered, a chunk of smooth, dark stone, a little larger than on of the Talismans, flew to his waiting hands. On it, the carving of the rat, from the Chinese zodiac. Drago frowned, and Lila beat him to the punch, “It’s twice as strong as the Talisman you already absorbed. Same power, but you can grant the power to multiple objects around you. As in you could reanimate your father without him having to absorb the Talisman. But, you need the spell to completely give him his dragon form.”

The young woman rose from her position, and soon, eleven more enlarged Talismans arrived in front of her, and Lila gathered them, tucking them into a secret pouch in the sleeve of her kimono. Drago watched as she smoothed out the rather short and modernized version of a traditional ensemble. It was multiple shades of blue, the inhumanly soft silk depicting a depiction of the sea, the sleeves long and flowing, but the obi was thinner than a normal one, and the kimono was an inch above her mid thigh. Rather than the tradition bamboo sandals, she was wearing more modern footwear; wedges with black straps. But, Drago didn’t know the conditions of her imprisonment, and from her attire, he was assuming she had been able to absorb some modern fashion designs. Her hair was tied up with a strip of shiny back ribbon, much like the old style, her hair still reaching her mid thigh, right below the end of her kimono, despite it being pulled high on her head.

Lila interrupted her cousin’s gaze by informing him, “As much as I would love to catch up, I do have business to attend to. I will, however be in touch.” Drago nodded and let her leave with a scowl. After all the trouble he went to, he lost the Demon Chi, and only got an extra rat talisman as a reward. But he was grateful she had parted with one of her precious stones. She was the creator of not only the set he now had under his skin, but a much stronger set that she had kept for herself. It was funny, a girl who was so powerful without the Talismans couldn’t bare to part with little rocks that she rarely ever used.

Lila vanished from the junk yard and appeared in a shabby apartment, the occupant a man she had been watching from her stone prison. Despite what his belief that he had horrible luck because Jackie Chan always foiled his plans, Lila knew it was because he hadn’t had the right demon on his side. Looking around the small area, Lila decided it was best for her to simply stand. Moments later, a man with long platinum hair exited what she assumed was the bathroom, considering the ‘apartment’ had a bed not a couch. He closed the door behind him before spotting the beautiful, blue haired woman standing in his dingy box of residence. He jumped back in surprised and yelled in his British accented voice, “Who are you?!”

Stepping a bit closer, Lila giggled, and answered sweetly, “My name is Lila.” Her enticing and soothing voice floated effortlessly around the room and the mans defensive position relaxed a bit, but he was still suspicious of her. Lila wasn’t hypnotizing him or trying to trance him, she just needed him to trust her, even if for only a moment. Taking another step closed, Lila continued, “You fell under the dreadful predicament of being tricked to help my uncle, Shendu, a year or so ago if I’m not mistaken. And it destroyed your organization, The Dark Hand.” The new words eased him a bit more, and Lila took a final step, standing only inches away from him, and promised, “Today, history will be rewritten, Valmont.”



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Wow! Nice work!!

You have some real talent, and I don't say that lightly. Have you considered (or ever) written your own works with your own characters? You do a really amazing job at fanfiction and I'm curious :D.

I see a couple of errors in there too. I dunno if you wanted feedback or anything (cause while the checkboxes are there I havent put anything in here to show everyone which you chose yet), so I just thought I'd point that out. It's nothing serious, just some typos (like closed instead of closer) :).

I love it :D. Keep it up!!



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Looks great! I'm a little fuzzy right now (bad migraine) so there were a couple parts that confused me initially, but I suspect that if I was feeling better that wouldn't have been a problem. I look forward to reading more of your work!


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