The cage is cold and small. Too small, even for a little girl like Ilena. She hears heavy foot steps down the hall. They clomp loudly over the sound of the other wailing slaves. Father would come back for her. He would land in his ship and beat the snot out of these guards. Or maybe Mother would come back. It has been years since she saw Mother, but she still held on to hope. The dream shifts and suddenly Ilena is scurrying out of the cage behind the drunken guard. She accidentally finds the communications room. It’s not too different from her father’s ship communications. She sends a distress signal, but she doesn’t know if anyone will hear it. The guards are very angry when they find her. The dream shifts again and she has been locked in a hidden cage for days. It takes her a while to realize that the clear barrier between her and the hallway is illusioned to look like any other wall. Today there is commotion beyond her cage and room. Fighting, yelling, dying. Groups walk by, soldiers by the look of them. They can’t see through the illusion wall to her. They pull so many others out of their cages, but not her.  The dream shifts again, someone new walks the halls. Two jedi. A male Chiss and a human woman. They talk to each other, but she can’t hear what they say. By this time Ilena has stopped bothering to yell. She knows she won’t last much longer without food or water. Suddenly the woman turns towards the illusioned wall and begins to stare. For a moment Ilena feels that the woman is looking at her. Impossible, she thinks to herself. The woman’s companion asks her something. She doesn’t take her eyes off of the wall, off of Ilena, as she answers. You are right here. See me. See me! Ilena thinks. The woman closes her eyes. “No! See me! I’m right here!” Ilena calls aloud. The woman draws her glowing blade and slices through the wall! “I’m Jedi Riley. I am a part of the rescue team. Let's get you out of this cage.”