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Queen Of Shadows

A Jackie Chan Adventures FanFiction

Written by Nocturne No Kitsune

Beta'ed By WhisperToMeSoftly & Zim’sMostLoyalServant

Concept Aided by Eduard Kessel

Thank you guys, you were of big help.

Summery: Not all is well in the Jackie Chan world, or Jade Chan's world even. The rush to stop Shendu from using Jackie to alter the Book Of Ages has brought about a much different ending. Now, young Jade Chan finds herself waking to a much different world then the one she was in. Instead of waking in a world ruled by demons, she finds herself in ancient times and with the weight of a crown and dark empire on her head. Spirits of Darkness call her Queen and Master, and an army stands ready to wage an unholy war in her name while the forces of Light scramble to arms to defend themselves and its champions stand to block the encroaching Shadows. Can Jade survive among the very forces of Darkness she now commands long enough to find help among a world that seeks to destroy her? Will she withstand the test of the Light that seeks to destroy her in the name of good to return to her world, her time? And in the very end, will she want to?

Warnings:Blood, light-to-mild violence, and possible light gore and cursing. If you’re not one to like mental and moral issues, then this might not be for you.


Chapter One: Waking to Changes.

It had all come down to this. Her trip from San Francisco to return to her parents, Shendu returning and possessing Uncle Jackie, and following them to Australia to stop Shendu from tampering with some old book. They had tracked the hijacked Jackie Chan here, to this mesa, and entered the sacred Hall of the Book of Ages to be met by the sight of a red-eyed and chuckling Jackie taking an ornate quill to the overly large book. Now, Jade knew one thing. That was that what Shendu was about to do was bad, and no one messed with her Uncle and got away with it. So with a speed born from martial arts training and her naturally energetic self, she hurled herself in a full-body tackle at her Uncle.

Chan’s brat had grabbed hold of his elbow, thrashing and shouting like a rabid monkey. Shendu’s rapturous joy turned to scarlet anger. He was a son of Xin'ron, a mighty Demon Sorcerer that had brought grand empires to their knees, and a mere mortal child would not thwart him yet again! Adding his own strength to Chan’s he swung his arm with some minor magic brought to the front by his rage, and watched as her grip slipped and she was thrown back. He barely registered the sound of tearing paper; he was instead watching the child as she hit the floor hard, a pleasing crack the reward for his efforts. He turned back to the book, laughing as white light began to shine. His laughter died as he looked upon the page he had altered, a page that was torn nearly in two, the cut he had made with the quill blade seeping ink through to the pages below. The glow twisted and warped like a heat wave as it overcame him. Before his consciousness faded, he felt the same horrid chill that he had first learned was a sign of the Book’s magic, that day Lo Pei overthrew him.

As for Jade Chan, she could do no more than lay upon the floor in pain listening to Shendu’s laughter give way to a deafening roar. “I really hope we didn’t lose,” was her last thought as darkness took her mind.

Jade’s waking was a gradual process, drifting lazily from sleep to the waking world. Her dreams had been strange. She had dreamed herself to be the Queen of the Shadowkhan, standing atop a podium as a vast army of the demon ninja bowed down to her. She had nightmares of that horrible day, where she had been drunk on power and unable to tell friend from foe. Those were her worst nightmares, losing herself to darkness and usually involved a horrible fate for her family. This dream though, had been different. That feeling of being a prisoner in her own flesh had been absent and the darkness around her broken by candles into countless dancing shadows. And standing there amidst the ninja being worshiped she had felt, content. It definitely ranked among her stranger dreams she thought. Best not tell anyone about it though; they would only worry, she thought.

Before Jade could think on it anymore, the dream world around her faded completely as light seemed to creep in from the corners. The images of the various Shadowkhan faded with the world around her, and a enticing smell from nowhere seemed to find her nose and tempt Jade with its scent.

"Smells like… smells like… smells like Uncle's herb tea, only better! And that smells like bread and jam!”

When Jade opened her eyes, instead of the bed she expected and her Uncles surrounding her, she found herself looking up at what looked like the top of a poster bed. Shifting around, she found herself surrounded on all sides by thick, fluffy pillows and covered by a warm heavy blanket. She put her hands up and behind her and was surprised to feel how deep they sank into the bed itself.

"So… so soft. Where am I?”

When she finally managed to prop herself up, she looked around and did a reasonable impression of a fish as she took in the extravagance of the room she was in. It looked like something that belonged to a queen or a princess, everything looked priceless and irreplaceable. Yet even with all its extravagance, the room still somehow retained a sense of dignity. It did not look like a room that belonged to just any spoiled queen or bratty princess, it looked… special. Even the blanket she was half-under looked the same, with a simple yet beautiful design woven into it. Not that Jade would pick the color scheme, but it oddly suited it.

"Seriously, someone needs to lay off the dark colors. All this black, red, blue and everything makes me feel depressed.”

Jade kicked off the blankets, and shimmied to the side of the bed and swung herself over the edge and off. Now that she was actually off the bed she could see just how big it was. It was absolutely HUGE compared to the tiny Jade; she was surprised she had not drowned in it at some point with all those pillows and blankets.

Jade was still admiring the bed when she felt a cold breeze around her ankles and legs, and finally looking down noticed what she was wearing. Instead of the clothes that she had had on during the fight, she was now in some sort of loose fitting robe/nightgown. Before she could admire the gown itself and wonder who or how she got undressed and then redressed in the first place, the same enticing smell that had helped wake her from her sleep hit her again.

Walking around the corner of the huge bed and following her nose, she found where it was coming from. There in the corner of the room and in front of a mirror was one of those low-slung Japanese tables, laid out with an array of breakfast foods to choose from. There was warm toast with jam and more. There was even a pot of herbal tea if her nose was telling her the truth and the slight trail of steam rising from the pot was any hint.

Ignoring any ideas of danger that come with waking up in a strange room and finding a full course breakfast laid out, Jade sat down on a conveniently placed cushion and reached for a piece of toast with jam. She took a bite and felt almost blissful at the rich taste that flavored her mouth, and closed her eyes and slowly chewed while she savored it. After she finished and swallowed, she quickly devoured the rest of the piece of toast and reached for another one.

That is, until she looked in the mirror; then Jade shrieked. She never shrieked, she screamed yes, but her lack of high-pitched shrieking was a point of pride for the young adventurer. Despite this she shrieked when she saw it. It was a small girl, roughly her age, with bluish-black hair flowing down from her shoulders. The reason for the shrieking being that the dark blue skin and glowing red eyes clearly announced this girl to be a Shadowkhan, or something of the like.

Her surprise grew when she realized the Shadowkhan girl had also fallen back in what appeared to be fright, propped back up on an elbow looking… The raw fear was replaced with a hunk of ice in her stomach as she put two and two together and tried to get five. She righted herself back on the cushion, as did the Shadowkhan girl. She raised a sleeve-covered hand and was matched with the same motion. Finally she shook her arm and sent the silk sleeve tumbling back to her elbow, revealing a thin blue arm and a delicate hand with blue black nails shaped into menacing points

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have lost cabin pressure,” she whispered.

It was a mirror, she was that girl, she was a Shadowkhan, and this was a bad day. As four of the garden variety Shadowkhan sprang from the shadows and surrounded her with shuriken drawn she realized it had just gotten worse

Closing her eyes, she braced for a brutal beating or swift death by ninja… only for nothing to happen. Her natural curiosity got the better of her and she opened an eye. The Shadowkhan were indeed ready to attack, but they facing away from her.

"They’re protecting me?" she thought.

Well if she was a Shadowkhan and this was anything like the last time, they would protect and obey her without question. The surprises kept coming when one of the Shadowkhan turned his head to regard her and unmistakably lifted an eyebrow, and revived Jade long enough for her to start thinking.

“Alright, since when do Shadowkhan question their leaders? He’s obviously asking what the heck is happening. Never mind, if they obey orders get rid of them. If they think I’m in danger it was because I shrieked.”

"Uhh, I burned my tongue on the tea. You can go now," she told them.

Her voice had also changed, though it was not like when she was queen last time. Instead of a constant airy hiss, it was just… airy, more of an echo of speech then the last time. The questioning Shadowkhan gave a slight nod and in a puff of smoke the four ninjas vanished.

Unfortunately, the vanishing of the four ninja's also heralded the vanishing of what little calm and collected thinking Jade had managed to accumulate, as she went into a silent panic, her thoughts racing.

“Bad day bad day bad day bad day! What is going on here?! Come on Jade, get it together and think! Deep breaths like Jackie taught you, and think! What is the last thing you remember?”

A few calming breaths later, and Jade was once again calm enough to think clearly, as she recounted events to herself.

“Ok, Shendu was all ghostly again and hijacked Uncle Jackie, so he could go and mess with some book with serious mystical mojo all the way in the deep down-under. I jumped him, and he tore a big hole in one of the pages when he KO'ed me, and the book started glowing. So what happened? Where the heck did I end up, and why am I all blue-skinned and red-eyed, and sleeping in the royal suite?”

Looking around the room for any clue or an escape route, Jade found something that could possible answer a few of her questions. A small door lead out to what looked like some sort of balcony, and with some trepidation Jade stepped out and looked over the landscape in shock. A single phrase managed to work its way up and out of her mouth, as she stared, and she would later recount on how accurately it described what she saw.

“Whoa… ‘Lord of the Rings’ much?”

What Jade saw could only come out of such a famous movie, that is if said movie had any sprawling Japanese-styled fortresses. Even then, it looked like she had jumped right into a spin-off. Below her and the tower she was apparently in, a small garden bloomed in a tasteful courtyard, boxed in on all sides by high stone wall except for one, which looked down onto a tiered fortress. Each level had high walls, and was carved almost entirely of black stone and dark wood, and roofed with a dark red tile of sorts. Smack-dab in the middle of it all, was a massive keep that took up the center-most tier.

Jade noted, that at the opposing end of the courtyard, was a single stone path that lead straight down into the back of the keep, and on both sides of the path stone walls and imposing guard towers gave Jade the feeling that being a uninvited guest was not a good idea. With a chill, it also gave her the feeling that if they did not want her to leave, then there was not a single chance in any netherworld of her walking down that path and getting to the end of it alive. Even from here, she could see figures walking back and forth in the towers, each carrying something that looked very much like longbows.

Looking behind her and up, Jade saw that there was no escape there either, for the fortress and the courtyard with the tower was nestled into the cold embrace of a large mountain, and what seemed to be large winged figures patrolled the skies. At the very top, she spotted a series of towers that decorated the mountain like a jagged crown, and watched as the flying shadows leaped from the towers and into the air.

All around her, there was nothing but black stone and dark wood, a shadowy blight of a fortress upon the land, and with the mountain looming behind it Jade wondered what it would look like to stand from afar and see it. On all sides, Jade was boxed in and with nowhere to go, trapped in the middle of a huge fortress. As Jade realized her conditions, once more a small and out-of-place comment escaped her.

“Oh boy, so not good.”



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First of all, I love Jackie Chan, so your story instantly caught my eye.
I loved it! Please continue writing it!



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Jackie Chan Adventures was one of my favorite shows. Please write more.


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