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I've talked about these guys (and yea! a gal too now) before. They are absolutely fabulous.

I'm talking about the crew over at "Writing Excuses". It's a free! 15 minute or so podcast! Centered on a tip/discussion about writing. I think that most of you here would find it really helpful.

They do genre writing (from fantasy to horror to a web comic to Jane Austen w/ magic regency novels). But they don't just talk about genre/make their discussions useful for all writers.


Click and enjoy the link! You can also find them on iTunes. But the website is easier, trust me.



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I know I'm replying to a three-year-old post but wow, these guys keep doing the thing! I remember reading about them in TVTropes, but at that time I: (1) didn't live in the US, (2) had no reason to think I would end up living in the US, (3) had no motivation to practice listening to people speaking English. Now that my life has changed dramatically, I will subscribe. Thanks. :)

PS With the luck I have, they will certainly shut down the podcast next week...


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