Project Wonderful is absolutely fabulous and should be one of your first stops (if not your first) when thinking of advertising your book/artwork.

We've used Project wonderful to advertise ourselves and to display ads from others on our website. After running advertisements for approximately 30 days we've had 14 sign ups here (that have said it was from an advertisement). That's a pretty damn good turn around, and more effective than any other medium we've advertised on.

When it first started it was mostly filled with comic websites and blogs, but it's quickly expanded. I actually submitted much feedback in those early days and many of my suggestions are still around today, and have only helped make it better. So I do have a personal love affair with them...but I recommend them because of their results before all else.

4. Project Wonderful is More Effective for Authors/Artists
I've got more results here than even advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk combined! I'd say it's all thanks to the comic websites that display our advertisements...

People who read comics online are more likely to click a link for a book or artwork because they are already enjoying both, and many are hungry for more (comics update on a schedule). With new readers coming in all the time and old readers restarting you can be sure your advertisement will be seen by many different people - even on days the comic doesn't update.

Most of the people who read comics are the sort of fun people who would find the advertisements interesting - and click because it's interesting. Which brings me to the next point.

3. People TRUST Project Wonderful
Project Wonderful doesn't display annoying or misleading advertisements. I have never seen a spam advertisement on there and I've been a member for YEARS. I can also choose to block text or flash/animated advertisements too, and many websites do, so many of the advertisements found on there are:
  • Personal websites/hobby sites
  • Creative pursuits
  • Book advertisement
  • Comic advertisement
  • Handmade art advertisements
  • Artists websites/shops

You won't likely see weight loss, casinos, sex drugs, etc. And for that reason many people trust Project Wonderful. In fact when I know a site uses PW I turn my ad blocker off because I actually WANT to see the advertisements. You never know when you will find something awesome!

Additionally... I have not once heard of someone being ripped off by them. I have heard of countless people close to me being burned by Google Adwords, some losing hundreds of dollars because of "terms of service breaches" which all were adamant did not happen. When they were contacted the reasons changed or were piled up until it was not worth fighting for anymore. That sort of security - knowing your funds won't be touched/lost - is priceless.

2. It's EASY!
Installing it on your website, or running ads for your website are both so easy it's not funny...

For ads on your own website you simply insert the code where you want the ads to show, and customise the ad box with colours, fonts, and more via their interface. You only insert the code once and tell it how many ads to display at that position and how they should be laid out (vertical or horizontal for example). You can also set a default advertisement (to ask for ads or to advertise your own things) for when there's no other ads, and you can set bidding amounts.

For your own ads you upload a picture of the appropriate size, and then search for websites that you'd like to advertise on that have a space for that type of ad. You can, from here choose to let the system do a campaign for x days at $x per box with $x spent per day etc, or you can individually bid on websites and set  the amount of time, dollar limits, etc just the same. It's very very simple.

1. You Can Get CHEAP and FREE Advertisement!
You can bid on websites advertisement spaces for as low as $0.01 a day in a campaign, or $0 for 2 days manually! That means on some websites you can get free advertisement for 2 if you're willing to put in the extra effort to bid on individual websites you can have FREE advertisement! :)