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Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw your own comics?
I’m talking about your own legendary superheroes, sexy heroins, viscious villians and the fantastic worlds their stories would be told in?
If you have, this is the site for you!
_______________________________________ ________

I'm currently a student undergoing a games development course and in this course I have a brilliant artist for a teacher, who owns the how to draw comics site.
He has a lot to give and I know you will be learning from the best if you decide to sit down and read/watch his tutorials.



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Thanks for this. I can paint, but I can't draw. My son is very artistic, but he needs to branch out and he likes to draw comics. he may be interested in this as it is always good to learn new things. I may take a look at this myself. I could do with a few lessons.



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Absolutely fantastic website and resource, thanks for sharing it with us! Don't forget to add this to our resource section! ;D


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