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As the title suggests, where can I learn the basics of writing a screenplay. From layout and form the the more intricate things. I am going to film school next year and am taking a course in script-writing and I want to have a bit of a head start.

Any places with some video/text tutorials?





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This sort of stuff might help you out:

Also, I would watch a lot of movies, maybe go see a good play. Concentrate on the way things are worded (movie conversations are much more pointed and different to normal conversations) and acted out - that might help you a lot :).



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It really depends on what kind of screenplay you want to display. It could be horror or Romance. In addition, you could also check up on Shakespeare's work as he is one of the greatest screenwriters of all time. Books to check out are: Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. You won't be disappointed.



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If you check out Script Frenzy (specifically the guides section) you should get started on the basics. If you're heading to film school (awesome! jealous!), you will learn the basics, I'm sure.

I have a handful of screenwriting books from my first screenwriting course and I found them super, crazy useful. One of them was called "Story" by McKee and "Writing Short Films" by Cowgill. If you've got some money, pick up a few books.



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I would recommend doing an outline of all of the events first.  Make sure you really understand what exactly is going on throughout the whole work, then slowly break that down into acts and scenes until you have a general idea of what happens in each scene.  Then comes the hard part of writing good dialogue, but at least you know where and why everything is happening.

Oh, and character bios always help.  Nothing is worse than getting stuck in dialogue and realizing that one of your characters would never actually go along with the plan, and thus the entire plot is ruined.  Character bios should probably be among the first things you do (then again, I am a character driven writer, so your mileage may vary).



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When I wrote my first screenplay twelve years ago I did a lot of research on the internet which was really helpful. What really helped me was The Screenwriters Bible by David Trottier. It is so informative it helps you with writing and the proper format and so much more.  It is a must read for every aspiring screenwriter.



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You can have a look on youtube for screenwriters advice and also get the screenwriters bible which is great for someone wanting to start out. Just remember that when you are writing, you need to create each characters personality, where they are from, who they are and what kind of a person they are, the way that they would dress, eat, walk and talk. think of the story and how the characters will come together in the middle to make the entire story balance at the end.


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