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I came upon Creative Burrow quite by accident. I was viewing a post on SMF's Support, then saw Bunny's link to here.

I have two pieces of work in progress, (to use quotes or underline that is the question - I'm going with underline) Sabian - The Story of a wolf, and A Small Boy.
Both are fictional, though A Small Boy does carry some romance and would be enjoyed by those from 13 and up.
I believe that Sabian - The Story of a wolf could be a children's book, though some parts may not be suitable for children under 5.

I have written a short bio in my profile for your 'enjoyment'.

Not sure what to expect here, but you can expect that "I write archaically" (a bit like the way Yoda from Star Wars speaks). I am inclined to use this technique or method when I am trying to strengthen an idea, and believes that it is effective as it slows the reader.

Enough of my rambling.

Be Well and Walk In Beauty,

PS - The spell check opened a small window, though that window remained blank.



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Welcome to CB!

Thanks for the bug report, I will look into that! :D

Your works in progress sound exciting :D.


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