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Story time!

I've been remodeling my house for the last few years, and finally got to working on the basement recently.  My wife found out I was handy and "into it" so I've paid the price for that ever since. There in the back of the basement were boxes of mine I hadn't seen in a long time.  I was going through them and got a little sad, seeing my old air brush stuff, my art portfolio, my superhero movie scripts, and then some ancient vhs copies of video production and animation work I had done.  It sparked me up gain, and I got to business digging into some website projects among other things.  It was hard telling the wife I am taking a break from remodeling - mostly because she is sexy and owns me - but that's for another post in your Help & Advice forum, or perhaps the Tutorials & How To area.  I'm not sure yet.  It really depends on how melted my butter state will be when she takes out her secret weapons, and goes for my weak spots, in an attempt to get me back into remodeling the house.  She's GOOD, so that work is probably suitable for your Performance Art forum.

Anyway, just yesterday a friend I was talking to online sent me a link to this site.  So I figured I better join before my wife activates her super powers.  That is the story of how I got here.  I am thankful for the time the site owner obviously put into this site (good job!) and would like to end off by simply saying hello to everyone. Hello!

- Frank

If a long-legged woman wearing high heels and carrying a tool belt is looking for me please say, that as far as you know, I am in the basement.  Or just come up with something creative which is what you people are supposed to be good at.  Thanks.



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Ha ha she does sound worthy of our performance art section!! XD

It's always reminiscent when you find old art work! I found a tonne of mine not long ago!!


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