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Ever since Hollywood's traditional celebrity tabloids, rumor magazines and paparazzi decided to reform their image and information gathering practices, raising their industry standards to those of National News Media Outlets, Entertainment News has not been the same.

The National Enquirer reported a 35% drop in sales this week, and readership across the entertainment publishing industry has plummeted. But not all tabloids have suffered in the wake.

Entertainment Weekly, who has been utilizing 'friendly tactics' to retrieve current Hollywood stories from willing celebrities, has doubled readership subscriptions with their promises of a 'gentler, life-enriching Hollywood'.

In fact, Entertainment Weekly has managed to acquire access to so many celebrities willing to talk about their lives in unobtrusive, fair-reporting ways - they have content backlogged to cover a few months of weekly shows, with more rolling in.

Says one Entertainment Weekly reporter who wished to remain anonymous, "Who knew celebrities would actually share some of their lives with us if we started treating them like Humans? Times have changed for the better... I may retire in the Bahamas without having to stalk Jennifer Lawrence into the Ladies Lounge."

The effects of Hollywood's Reformation remains to be seen. But reader polls indicate that the positive change has been taken in stride and appreciated.



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I fixed up your post, the field marked "challenge #" is where you put the challenge number so our system can hook them up to the right challenge :D.

Love the article, snarky! :D



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Thanks - I was wondering if I was doing that right, or even if I was in the right spot. I was feeling a little snarky, what can I say. ;)


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I can't say that I would have thought about this on my own today, so thanks for bringing it up.  I don't really talk to aggressive people that try to pry either so I don't imagine why celebrities would want to.  I can't believe people haven't tried this approach before.  It's really an old southern tactic, a little bit of sweet tea and a smile can become the fulcrum and the lever to pry out any secret .  Trust is the first thing a reporter must have to get to the truth.  Obviously, celebrities are people that crave any attention they can get, that's why they take the stage in the first place, but nobody likes bullies and snitches. 


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