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Many people make New Year’s Resolutions every year to do with life goals, but how many of us make resolutions to do with our artistic goals? I know I usually don’t. So this year I thought I would do just that, and share them with you.

Resolution 1 – Learn, or at least attempt to learn, one new technique every month, even if it is just a variation on a technique I already know. This includes learning new chainmaille weaves and polymer clay techniques.

Resolution 2 - Be open to new opportunities to learn and grow as an artist. Whether that be by taking a class, or connecting with other artists or even just communing with my chosen craft in an open and experimental way.

Resolution 3 – Value my creations and my talents and refuse to trivialise what I do, or apologise for imperfections. My creations are unique to me, are a part of me and as such are special and important and deserve to be valued.

Resolution 4 – Create more tutorials to share my particular style of creation with others, with the aim of selling tutorials at some point.

Resolution 5 – Promote  and support the talents of fellow artisans. The handmade movement gets a lot of its momentum from artisans helping each other out, promoting each other and supporting each other.

Resolution 6 – Be more organised. (I think I make this one every year in all areas of my life!)

Your art and craft resolutions may be very different to mine, or similar in some ways.  But they should be personal to you and what you want to achieve in 2010. Have a fabulous New Year, bring on 2010!

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My New Year's Craft Resolutions
30 December 2009, 7:02 pm
Source: Jennifer Mercer, Handmade News Columnist
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This is such a good idea! I don't know any artists or crafters who specifically make craft resolutions for the new year, but I guess it goes in line with goals to get things accomplished in the studio or craft room. I really like the goal to create more tutorials to share with others. There are so many great benefits of that both to you and to those who use the tutorials to create their own items.



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An organised and great way to start the new year with a plan pf action. I have a vision board that I use and I also have a chart for the things that I would like to achieve every few months before the year is over. Lets hope we stick to it and achieve our goals.



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Resolution 3 resounds most to me as it is straightforward yet ambiguously difficult to achieve. As difficult as it is to ignore others' opinions while focusing on your own passion, it's nice to have feedback. If only our brains had a feedback filter which cancelled all negativity except constructive criticism. You seem to be on the right path to fine tuning the critiques while focusing on your passion.


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