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Series: Creative Examples, Part 2


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There's some excellent examples of creativity out there, and we're bringing some of them to you one at a time! Hopefully these will inspire you with new ideas and things to try. Who knows, maybe one of these things is right up your alley?

Sand Art with paper, in a Jar or On A Beach!
Sand art requires a lot of patience, a steady hand, and an eye for detail. You need to have a feel for and an understanding of the sand and how it falls or compacts so you can make the incredible things that these artists do...

Landscape in a Jar
These artists seem to create these beautiful landscapes effortlessly, but I suspect a lot of planning likely went into the construction of this awesome piece. A lot of practice and skill is used here! It's amazing to see this sort of art at work, especially on larger pieces when tools are starting to be used to help the artist create their visions.

Khaled Safi The SandMan

Sand Tapestry
You don't have to use round jars, you can use glass cases to create art as well. While a majority of these are landscapes you can create beautiful artworks of anything you want!

Sand Art MOVIES!
Some artists use sand to make shadows and use it to create movies and stories with their hands. There are all sorts of sand art stories, performances, and movies out there!

Sandpaper Art
If drawing is more your thing you can try it on sandpaper for a textured look!

Sand on Paper Art
You can make sand stick to paper with glue, or get specially made adhesive paper to peel to create sand pictures. You can use multiple colours or just one to make this! It's pretty messy though!

Sand Combing/Beach Combing
Some artists find themselves a nice patch of sand and draw in it! This style of sand art, called beach combing, uses large tools to mark the sand in a pattern to draw a picture of a kind. Artists use rakes, sticks, and all sorts of other tools to create these pieces.

Sand Sculpting
Sand sculpting puts sand castles to shame! You can create so much with this method of sculpting. The key is to use special sand that is compacted and slightly wet. You can also do it with sand that is against the ground without needing special tools.

Have You Tried This?
Have you tried making art with sand before? What was it like? Was it your thing or not really? If you have photos we'd love to see!



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This is amazing! I love how there's so much you can do with sand. I'm not sure I would have the patience to try many of them, but I love them from a distance.



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Wow anyone who can do what that man did in the first video has a whole load of respect from me, That was absolutely beautiful :)


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