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by Nic

What's it like to have heartburn?
Does it hurt, and can I heal it?
I'm not too sure if I've had it before,
but I really don't like this feeling

What's it like to have a heart?
If it were broken, could I heal it?
I wonder if I'll ever have one...
but I kind of like not feeling

What's it like to have a burning heart?
When it's hurting, someone heals it
I wish to someday pine for someone
I hope I get to have that feeling



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I like your poem. I somehow feel the pain and probably you are heart broken. However, I also think of the medical side of heart burn. I remember GERD which means gastroesophageal reflux disease where in there is acid reflux. Acid reflux is sometimes used interchangeably with acid reflux. You may be referring to feeling too much pain that you want to break free from it because it's too much to bear. Well, I do believe that time can heal certain wounds. It only really depends upon you. Time processes the wounds into scars.



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You're quite spot on! Thanks for replying! This one is literal, the first stanza is about having heartburn/acid reflux, the second is about having feelings, and the third is about "being smitten/in love". I'm basically saying in this that I have yet to experience all three, which the first and second stanzas stay pretty true to that. I actually really don't know if I've ever had heartburn hahaha.



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I certainly wouldn't want all three at once. I've had some really bad heartburn lately and it makes me feel sick (it made me sick once) and it feels AWFUL. Honestly like you're burning from the insides. Awful stuff!!


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