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Free yourself,
 From the confides of society,
 liberate your souls,
 From the forced exile.
 Let society know that,
 no longer will you
 play by the rules,
 of a preconceived notion.
 That you must cover up!
 Break the bonds that,
 weigh you down,
 that cover your roots
 To the ground.
 Remove those obstacles,
 That allow your souls to feel the earth,
 To feel the grass on hot summers day,
 the textures of nature,
Below your feet.
 Do it once a day,
 Once a week,
 Once a month,
 In a park,
 a field,
 you garden.
 Liberate yourself.
 Free your soul,
 Take off the leather bindings,
 The plastic below you,
 The suede that covers you.
 Free your feet,
 Take off the shoes, the stilettos,
 Boots, sandals.
 Remove your socks.
 Feel nature below your feet,
 Take the risk of standing in hidden dog shit.
 Live life
 Be connected to what supports you,
 Gives you life.
 And enjoy!

© 2015, Bryan Runic Deakin and Bryan Deakin Dot Com



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Too true. We forget to relax and just let go. Afterall everything that we are and that we consume comes out of the earth. All life plants, food, animals, humans come from or get our sustenance directly from it. Waking without shoes should bring us closer.


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