by This guy
(... Sick rhyming with my name, Nick, felt super cheesy... Cut to this--)

I caught a bug, it's uncommon, for sure
The opposite of love, the shadow of pure
A sickness I've come to know far too well
A thick cloud of smoke, it's a far ride to Hell

My power is strong, too much for one man
They all will bow down, fall down at my hand
Feelings aside, I can't sweat the small things
Stealing his side, I don't sweat when he sings

When will they learn my gift is contagious?
Returning to school, the rules are outrageous
A replacement for love, I don't know any better
A place meant for love, but not in a letter

How many more will fall for my tricks?
My treat, an addiction, I sure cannot fix
Half of me stops, and steps foot in the light
The other half scoffs, and steps back, I won't fight

Bedridden, I wait, for the one to heal my soul
This fever I can't sleep off, swallows me whole
A sickness I've come to know far too well
It's sick that I like it, far too sick, it's like Hell