I am a professional journalist and writer, with three books published (on paper, via traditional publishing houses), one of which won me a national prize, and several works included in anthologies. I've worked for eleven years for a national newspaper in Argentina, my country, and I am now living in the United States. I have translated several books into Spanish and I'm currently ghostwriting an essay that will be published as a book. My name is Sebastián and I'm forty years old.

What I can do:
- write about a variety of topics and for a variety of outlets: papers, magazines, blogs, newsletters, anthologies, agencies...
- research and write informative or investigative articles
- proofread and edit texts written in Spanish or English
- translate several kinds of materials from English to Spanish, and (depending on complexity) from Spanish to English
- ghostwrite your book or article

What I am willing to consider:
- one-shot jobs
- working part-time (I already do this with translations)
- working full-time

How I expect to be paid:
It depends. Depending on the amount and other factors, I can accept either PayPal, bank transfers, wire transfers (via Xoom or Western Union), money orders, or cash.

How you can contact me:
Via PM, initially. Then we could get in touch via email or Skype.