It's about 10 years since that exciting day, and they occasionally talk about it, but nothing has been as heart-racing for Cal and Stevie since then. Stevie got into Michigan State, and graduated with a degree in physics, even though his only reason for it was to investigate paranormal activities. He works at an engineering company near town called Industry Solutions, that has their name on half of the blueprints in Bauerville. Cal couldn't make it into any colleges, but picked up a trade from his neighbor, selling hand-made wooden trinkets at a local shop he named "Turner Trinkets". He claims it's what he wants to do, but deep down, he wishes he would've applied himself more in school.

Stevie still keeps in contact with Cal, and they have Christmas dinners at each other's houses, the host alternating each year. Carol makes her world-famous turkey, and everyone still pretends to enjoy Mrs. Thatcher's figgy pudding. Other than being off to work for a portion of the day, their lives weren't all that different. As soon as they'd get off work, they'd go over one of the other's houses, and occasionally go out to activities with other friends that stayed in good ol' Bore-ville.