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Series: Ember, Chapter 1



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This may not seem like fantasy yet, but it will be soon. And this is the first part because altogether both parts came to a little bit over the limit, so I decided to split it into 2. If you like it, I will put the second part up ^_^


  “It’s okay, Amber. Marie and Sarah are going to be your guardians now. They will look after you.” Thomas presented. I took one look up and down my new guardians and returned to look perplexedly at Thomas. What was he thinking, giving me away to two lesbians? This can’t be right.
  “It’s Ember...” I muttered, still unable to take in the extent of my new situation, turning away to the window and pulling a pack of cigarettes out of my shirt pocket. I hadn’t quite taken in what was going on. The last time I left this place, the last time they let me, it had been to live with a family. A normal family. But this time I knew that they were desperate. Same sex parents?
  “Erm, Amber, you can’t smoke in here.” Thomas reminded me. He seemed to forget that I didn’t care. I turned away from the window again though I still sat on the low sill, a cigarette hanging out of my gaping mouth.
  “Okay,” I began, my forehead still creased. “I’ll go outside.” I stood up and began walking back out the door which I had entered through before with such high hopes for a new life. Now look what happened...
  “No, Amber. Sit down please.” Thomas requested, pulling at my arm slightly and sitting me next to the new people in front of his desk.
  “My name is Ember!” I insisted, my mind flickering back to the day I last saw my mum then sharply back to the generic office Thomas existed in. I missed her too much, more than I should allow myself to. Shouldn’t I be looking on the bright side? Now I have two to fill her space. Fucking brilliant.
  “Would you prefer us to call you Ember then?” One of the women carefully asked, as if she was afraid I would turn on her suddenly. I did not look up at her, I didn’t want her. I never needed guardians. Two more years and I was out of this place anyway. I didn’t even reply, I just nodded my head slowly. “That’s fine,” she decided, and I think she smiled at this point, because she sounded a lot more at ease. “my name is Marie, and this is Sarah.”
  “Hey Ember.” Sarah said. “It’s nice to meet you.” As much as I disagreed, her voice was so soft and gentle, encouraging me to look up. As our eyes met, I realised that maybe I had the wrong idea. After all, with these there would be no men around, which suited me much better. I lowered my protective walls a little.
  As I looked back at Thomas, he was smiling at me. It was apparent he had got what he wanted, but I pretended not to notice. I looked at Marie, and she seemed just as nice as Sarah. Why had I been so prejudice against these guys?
  I was good at reading people, and I could tell that they seemed to genuinely care about me. Maybe I was cause for concern, with short spiked blonde hair, ripped black jeans, doc martins and a chequered shirt over a very tight white vest top. Maybe they thought I was gay...
  “Amber? Marie and Sarah only live in a village a few miles from here, and there is a bus that comes regularly should you need to come and talk to us. We are gonna set you up at their house on a temporary basis for starters as this would suit your case best.” Despite the fact that I knew he had my best interests at heart, what he really meant was a lot different than how he phrased it in front of people. He knew how unpredictable I was with families he had put me with in the past. “Is this okay with you, then?” he finished.
  “I guess.” I decided, trying to act nonchalant about the whole thing by shrugging. Couldn’t ruin my needy image now, they might send me back. With my acceptance, Marie and Sarah both let out a short excitable laugh, and hugged each other.
  “This really is going to be fun!” Sarah insisted, her soft motherly voice persuading me so. Thomas also seemed happy. Maybe it was because he was finally getting rid of me, maybe it was because he genuinely cared. But what are the chances of the latter in a place like this? I didn’t care anymore, the thing I was looking forward to now was getting out of this place. I wondered what my new room would be like, and was grateful to be getting out of a room shared with 3 other girls.
  As I packed up my few belongings, I stared one last time out of the window above my bed. No longer would I have to watch car after car drive past, longing that I too could be going somewhere like them. Anywhere away from this place had seemed more appealing. I laughed now at the bars keeping me from escaping, as I was no longer restricted by them. I was free now, more or less. Much freer than before.
  I almost pitied the girls who had been so afraid of me for the past year or so that they had been stuck here. I, of course, had been here almost 9. They didn’t know the system like I did. And they were stuck inside it. I could finally spread my wings, they had been confined for too long.
  Then it occurred to me what it finally meant to be leaving. No longer would I sit on my bed, staring at the picture of my mum, wishing that someone was good enough to fill her place. Her death had thrown my life onto a completely different course, like when a road is blocked because a tree fell down. But when my mum fell, I was crushed beneath. And this was the place where I had gone through all of that.
  Maybe this meant I wouldn’t have to think about her as much, wouldn’t be reminded of her by everything that surrounded me day to day. Despite how much I missed her, I knew that letting her go just that little bit more would allow me to move on the same amount, though I could never completely forget her. This was my chance for a new life, and even if I did have to live without the normal mother and father, it would be a whole new experience for me.



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I love it, I can't wait for the rest!


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