My name is Joe an I have just returned from my first camp experience. Camp was fun.

This past 10 days, I have spent my time up in Bear Mountain, at a sleep away camp called Camp Sunshine. Despite the happy-go-lucky name, everyone there was rather... depressing. It seemed every kid there had been sent not because they wanted to go, but because their parents sent them there. Funny, it was the exact opposite for me. No matter though. Camp was fun.

I had four other guys on my team, excluding the counselor. There was one guy, Armin, that no one really got along with. He arrived a day early and our counselor swore he acted differently before everyone arrived, said he was actually a joy to be around. Of course, no one believed that. He always had this odd face on - one that looked like it saw more than it could handle. No matter though. Camp was fun.

Armin was a really odd guy. He always wandered off alone against the counselors orders, and would go up to people and ask if they were his friend. Any answer other than "yes" would lead to a death chilling stare. One that you could sense from a mile away. I say this with experience. Not knowing who he was, I honestly said "No, we aren't. I don't know you yet. But we can be." From that point on, it's almost like Armin is watching me... Constantly. No matter though. Camp was fun.

In the middle of one rainy night, I awoke finding myself needing to use the bathroom. I got out of bed to wake up my counselor and inform him I was going to the bathroom (They have to stay up until we return, or go with us), as protocol goes, but noticed Armin was missing from his bed. Weird, my counselor was still asleep. I tried waking him up to make sure he didn't fall asleep before Armin returned to no avail. No matter what I did, he wouldn't wake up. Fine - I went to use the bathroom anyway. I opened the cabin door to the dark outside world. There was one powerful lamp lighting up the pathway from my cabin to the bathroom. I was a little scared because earlier in the week, there had been a bear sighting. I figured my best bet was to go really quietly as to not attract any attention to myself. I began the walk, slowly but surely making my way towards the bathroom. That's when I felt it - the feeling I was being watched -- the feeling that I was being watched by Armin. No matter though. Camp was fun.


Will post more tomorrow! Let me know what you think so far! :)