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Driving a Lamborghini is more than just a blushing rush of adrenaline. It’s more than a feeling of luxury or elitist pride.  The speed, the danger and the edgy tease of the design make it unrepeatable; undeniable even. When I’m inside it’s more than simply thrill that courses through me, its lusty embrace appeals to my desires every moment I’m behind the wheel. A Lamborghini does not ask permission, it owns it and today I will be no different. I grab my keys from my desk and glance around to spot my supervisor heading into his office, shutting the door behind him.


I remove the six inch stiletto heels I’m wearing so my boss won’t hear my quick retreat. Only when I reach the stairs to the parking garage do I replace my shoes. My easy wrap around, sarong style dress comes off easily just as I reach the handle of my car door. Beneath it I am well prepared for a ride, dressed in a red satin corset edged with black lace along with a matching pair of cheeky lace riddled panties. Attached to my garters I’m wearing black fishnet thigh length stockings that complement the sleek style of my pumps. This attire, I decided was the only way to ever ride in the Lamborghini. I felt I needed to match its sex appeal and allure, it also made me feel invincible, sitting in the curve of the seat, with a ravishing appearance.

I felt something akin to Batman as I peeled out of the garage. I sped from 0 to 80 in less than a split second heading toward the back roads of town away from everyone.

I had developed a routine, you see; almost an addiction. Almost every day I bought a new lingerie set to sate my Lamborghini ride. I would leave work, home or just about any activity  to ride when the craving came over me. It had become a hypnotic cycle; the more I rode the more I wanted to ride. Each time I flashed down the road at blinding speeds potentially risking my life at the slightest miscalculation of a turn or curve the more the blatant hunger within me grew.

There was a freedom, a smooth, delicious freedom, driving behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, it was almost like teleporting, sailing or gliding. My edgy pumps on the gas pedal as the rushing winds seduced my exposed body was a combination of raw sensations.

But I had been very careful however about where I took my rides. As per my routine I only drove at night in abandoned areas with long stretches of road that went on for miles.

Today was not unlike any other ride so naturally I never even saw the officer parked off sight, hidden in some shadowy place.
But he saw me.
Zipping past him at over 100 miles per hour, so fast the traces of my speed blew the lid off his evening coffee.
I saw the lights miles later, flashing brightly in my rearview and fast approaching. My adrenaline spiked and at first I meant to give him a chase.There is no way could he ever outrun my V12 engine, I could easily outrun him and lose him. The only problem with that is the potential for him to call for back up. There could be no turning back from an all out full blown car chase. Still the hunger seemed almost ignited, daring me to test him.

Pushing my stiletto heel down nearly flat I begin to speed up. Surprisingly, he fights to keep on my tail. With a dark smile, I whip the wheel, pulsing back and drifting into a full turn, now facing him as he speeds to catch up and I finally stop my car.

He rushes up drifting his own car to block me from speeding off, immediately his weapon is drawn and he barely parks before jumping from the car to tell me to turn off my engine and place my hands on the wheel. Still smiling and somehow revived with the energy of my hunger I force myself to comply. Once my hands are on the wheel he quickly approaches the door yanking it open and instructing me to step out of the vehicle, turn around and place my hands on my hood.

His voice is angry, molten with frustration, but I sense it all change to desire when I finally step out of the car. My supple curves emerge in satin and lace, erupting  an unmistakable  gasp from the officer. His eyes cannot help but travel the length of my body from my plush breasts, down my midriff, all the way down my legs to the sharp curves of my stilettos. I take a few steps walking slowly and deliberately forcing him to stare down every inch of me. I turn facing the car and bend over poking out my satin covered bottom.
I look back to see his bold blue eyes, now angry slits, darken with lust as he approaches me. I smell the tease of his cologne before I feel him behind me, close and warm. I lick my lips in anticipation because somehow I know he will feel the hunger too. The closer he gets it will inevitably creep through him and I will infect him.
He reaches around to grab my wrist, his hands traveling down my arm’s length first.  He takes a foot between mine spreading my legs apart. I feel a breath escape me because the hunger is so immense now I am consumed. His authoritative stature only feeds the beast. Soon both my hands are cuffed but for some reason he never moves from behind me.

Now that I’m restrained, he takes the time to reprimand me.

He speaks low and close to my ear, his breath sending chills down me. He tells me I am a reckless fool and he will punish me. I ask about the backup he surely would have called when in pursuit. He tells me no one will be here to save me from what he has in mind.

Here in this darkness, His hands find my breasts. Pulling my body against his. I discover his member hard as my near naked rear rests snuggly against him. He squeezes and kneads my breasts, reaching under my bra to pinch my hardened nipples.

He ignores my threats to tell his superior, even though only I know they are empty. I want him to do this as bad as he does. But I can’t give him that pleasure.

He wills his dominance but I am not ready to succumb. So when he finishes with my breasts, he pushes me forward, hard down onto the hood of the Lamborghini. I laugh at this sudden roughness and he stops me with a firm slap on my behind. His anger is peaking again now because he continues each blow even harder than the last. My jewel is swollen now with need and my cheeks sting to touch. When he has had enough of this he rips my panties aside and drives his hardness inside me.

My core ignites from 0 to 100 instantaneously. His member fills me entirely. I cannot move he has pinned me to the car. The sleek curves of it glisten appearing almost as wet as I am. He pushes deeper inside me and I feel my hunger feeding. His every thrust is fueled with power, adrenaline and will. Our bodies melded together I border esctacy. He drives inside me stronger and harder, willing me to submit to him. I fight and struggle but lose the battle, soon cumming in waves around his pulsing member. My thighs quiver and weaken with this release and my body wants to collapse. But he wont stop. He is only just beginning.

He thrusts inside me deeper and deeper still, refueling the hunger within us. New waves push me to heigthts of pleasure as another orgasm rips though me. My muscles squeeze and clench him grippingly but he does not relent. He reaches up pulling tightly on my hair and demands that I ask him permission to cum again on his throbbing hardness. With my energy now nearly depleted I can’t bring myself to challenge his authority again but I want to so badly. Somehow he senses the resistance lingers inside me and he forces me to the brinks of waves again, only this time he grabs my breast kneading again rolling my nipple between his thumb while he plummets his length through me. He knows as well as I do that my hunger will soon be sated. He pulls my head back, his breath on my neck, and tells me I better start begging now.

I feel my breath grow shallow and my moans escape with desperation of release. I finally utter a plea at the last moment and he rips himself away from me. He turns me quick forcing me down to my knees and shoves himself inside my mouth. He explodes inside revealing a load as powerful as he is. I am writhing with need now even more than before, but he simply pulls me back up, placing a hand to my throat. He tells me my punishment is one that will be prolonged. This only angers me and I begin silently rebelling in my mind already.

He releases my cuffs and tells me there will be more if I cannot comply tonight.

I quickly adjust my panties and move swiftly behind the wheel. The power and hunger now flow through me like oxygen and I am hungrier than ever to be sated. He notices the flicker of resistance in my eyes but not soon enough. My heel on the pedal again I yell to him, "Catch me first."


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