This topic is for book alerts for writers.
I have Bookbub, and I sometimes see specials on e-books that are tutorials for people who are freelance writers, or are wanting to become a writer.
I thought I would post this one here for everyone, and then I realized that it might just be a good topic to start. This way, when anyone sees a cheap or free e-book, on Amazon or wherever, we can post the link for others who are interested.
The Amazon books are usually on sale for a few days, or sometimes, only overnight; so if you do not acquire these books right away, they may have gone back up to the original price.

The book I am listing today is called "Let's Write a Short Story", and it is tutorial for a beginning writer to help them start out writing short stories. It is usually $12.99 print, $4.99 ebook, and Amazon has it on special for only $1 right now.

To get this book, you need to have a (free) Amazon account, and be able to use an online payment. It will then be downloaded to your Kindle app on your computer or tablet.  If you do not have a Kindle app, they are also free from Amazon.