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Author Author: Kimberley on 03:02am Sun, Oct 28, 2012
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Wiley publications are among the most widely read and distributed worldwide. The Wiley Online Library online platform in particular, which includes journals, books, major reference works and databases, has increased the readership and influence of Wiley publications by several orders of magnitude. Wiley Online Library receives over 130 million hits and over 20 million article downloads annually. This success relies to a large extent on our ability to attract and retain the best authors, who choose Wiley as their publisher for a combination of reasons:

Wiley publications are known throughout the world for their quality of content and high standards of production.

Content Acquisition and Management
Wiley's key strength lies in our ability to build and sustain strong collaborative relationships with all our publishing partners, whether they are authors, editors, societies, professional bodies or commercial organisations. At Wiley, the acquisition of new content for publication, and the management and development of that content - whether in printed book or journal format, or for electronic delivery to customers - is handled by editorial, production, marketing and sales teams.

Wiley's Journal Editors are charged with managing and developing Wiley's journal titles, working with scientific editors, editorial boards, and advisors to insure that Wiley journals maintain high quality standards while simultaneously assimilating the changing landscape of science. Journal editors oversee all aspects of the publication process for established titles. However an important part of their job is to identify areas of science where new journal launches might be appropriate. And it is ultimately their responsibility to ensure that authors publishing in Wiley journals receive the highest quality publication services, from submission through peer review to final publication.

Wiley's Production staff combine many years of experience in print production with expertise in the latest electronic technology. Their primary role is to manage the content that the company has acquired and to prepare it for publication. This process begins as soon as an article has been approved or a contract has been signed. When the final text and illustrations are delivered to us and accepted for publication, production staff arrange copy-editing, design, typesetting, proofing, printing and binding, and work directly with the author and editorial and marketing colleagues to decide on format, cost, and schedule. We constantly evolve and innovate to embrace the latest developments in electronic data delivery to meet changing needs of our customers and authors. Detailed instructions on how to prepare material for publication are given in the Journal Manuscript Submission section.

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