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About Creative Burrow

Creative Burrow was founded by Jade Elizabeth in late October, 2008, as BunnyRabbitSex. We had a coming soon notice until we were officially opened to the public on November 2nd.

Since our official opening we've grown and expanded rapidly to encompass not only writers, but other artists, and the people who work with them.

Why was Creative Burrow Created?

Creative Burrow was built to create a free place for writers and artists to come together. The purpose of this was to encourage members to share their works, help each other, and learn from each other. We strive to provide a place where:

  • Writers and other artists can come together to interact with each other, learn new things, help each other, have a break, and to enjoy being around other creative people with similar passions.
  • Writers and artists can find resources, guides, feedback, critiques, inspiration, help, advice, and more.
  • Writers and artists can express themselves freely with the ability to publish uncensored¬†works.
  • Writers and artists can have a place where they can share all of their works, instead of being forced to join multiple websites for each of their passions.

We strive to be the best place online for writers and artists, without charging any fees or taking credit for members works. All of our members retain the copyright of their works (see our TOS).

Why change the name?

In the beginning our official name was BunnyRabbitSex because many writers call ideas for stories "plot bunnies". This play on words was meant to reflect that we would inspire you and help you grow.

In November 2013, on our 5th birthday, we officially changed our name to Creative Burrow. We did this to reflect and celebrate redefining our mission to include all creative individuals; not just writers.

Who should join?

We welcome ALL writers, readers, artists, musicians, illustrators, designers, editors, agents, publishers, and all other creative individuals! Anyone who wishes to join our community and meets or exceeds the predefined age on the registration page is more than welcome to join us.

If you're looking for a place to grow and learn in a community where people have the same passions as you, you'll find we fit the bill. If you're looking for encouragement, feedback, help, advice, resources, inspiration, or just a chat, you should find many of your needs met here!

If you're reading this you're probably interested, so instead of lurking join us!