I started a diet this week and when I did my mum suggested I start a blog and I thought Maybe its a good idea, So I will see how we go.

I started on Wednesday 21/09/2016, I started at 157.4kgs or 347LBS, My scales just say error, I weighed myself when I was at my doctors.... I have to admit I am doing pretty well so far, I have only strayed once, And that was for a hot dog, But it just means I work harder, other then that I've been pretty good. I guess Ill post every day. I am weighing myself every day until my scales stops saying error and thats when I hit 150kgs or less. My mum and I are starting bets on when this will be, I think it will be 29/09/2016 and my mum thinks 1/10/2016. I cant wait to see whos right.

Ill keep you updated.