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Donate to Creative Burrow!

Donations are our lifeblood; they help keep us free with lots of new tools and features to help out our wonderful members. Because things in this world don't come cheap your donation is highly appreciated.

What are donations used for?

Every donation helps keep us running and funds lots of things like:

  • New tools and features: we love new features, and each and every tool or feature we've received is designed to help our members reach their goals and make things easier. Because our features are rather unique we need to pay someone to create them, and that usually comes with a very hefty price tag.
  • Competitions and Prizes: competitions are no fun without prizes! Prizes unfortunately cost money, and so does shipping those prizes world wide - so donations really help us when we're planning competitions and prizes.
  • Marketing: we display advertisements on Creative Burrow to earn money, but this doesn't fund more than putting our advertisements on other websites in return. If we wish to run flyers, or make t-shirts, pens, hats, business cards, or other merchandise we need to have more than what displaying ads on our website gives us.
  • Top Secret Creative Burrow Projects: we're always scheming up some new feature or awesome thing we wish to do, and almost all of these things cost money. Like helping members print books/advertise them, trophies/medals, fundraisers, events, and so much more which we cannot mention because we don't want to ruin the surprise! Donations help us fund some of our brilliant ideas!

How do I donate?

If you'd like to donate, we really appreciate it and every penny goes back into Creative Burrow. If you're a member we can reward you with new features and perks as our way of saying thank you! There are two ways to donate:

Donate as a Member Donate as a Non Member

Please note that by donating you are agreeing to our Terms of Service, and we are unable give refunds.