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I watched Costa-Gavras' "Z" last night. It's a 1969 movie, based on a book narrating the real case of a Greek pacifist politician and activist who was assassinated (exactly six months before the assassination of JFK, btw). Yves Montand plays the part, and Jean Louis Trintignant plays the judge who investigated the case, and who became the Greek president years later (because of the movie, at least partially!).

I had watched two movies by Costa-Gavras before: "Missing", when I was a kid (I didn't like it, and I think my father took me to the theater to see it thinking that it was an action flick), and "The axe" ("Le couperet") a couple of years ago. I really liked "The axe", in which an unemployed engineer starts killing other engineers with similar qualifications to his own, to secure a job.

"Z" is very different. It's a heavy-handed political statement, yes, but it's also a fast-paced thriller, with bits of comedy, and a dark reflection on the world of politics as a whole. The ending (I won't spoil it) is a thing you must see. It really drives a point home. Costa-Gavras was never subtle, and he isn't subtle here.

By the way, I picked the movie browsing the Criterion collection films available on Hulu Plus. If any of you are a subscriber, give that collection a look. It's chock full of true masterpieces of cinema.



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I have NO idea why the title is saving like a moron, I am so sorry. I tried to fix it with magic and it screamed at me and yelled "NO!". :shame:

This movie, and the Axe sound wonderful! I added a bunch of those Hulu movies to my list but I don't have the money to pay for Hulu at the moment so no dice ha ha.


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