Courtesy of Ivo

Strut your shit, let it out
Walk it like a runway
Break a hip, stomp it out
You do you just one way

I'm in her heels, her head down low
Our feet hurt and we're tired
Her breath is loud, cold and slow
This night has got us wired

It's such a rush to wear her shoes
My view of life, impacted
I'm better now, with weed and booze
and my phone, I'm so distracted

Her world and heels lift me up
To a level I adore
I feel I've lived it, I've been made up
to be the cheapest whore

The money's spent, the closet's full
Our style is made for staring
She's all the rage, so beautiful
No matter what she's wearing

Strut your shit, and stomp it out
Use Life as a runway
And when you find your passion, shout!
You can only be you one way

--- --- ---    --- --- ---   --- --- ---

I originally wrote this to be like a "put yourself in someone else's shoes" kind of poem with a gay sort of shopping twist, but then I started thinking of RuPaul's Drag Race and changed it to "put yourself in a drag queen's HEELS" Because queens wear heels, not shoes, silly. It's also a little uplifting, self-confidence reassuring kinda thing. :)