For far too long I've been told what I  am not that I internalized them. They became my beliefs and part of my identity. What I had to learn all over again, was that what others said or thought of me wasn't & isn't my truth.

I am not pretty, but I didn't ask you to tell me so.
I am not smart, but you don't realize there's no one way to be intelligent.

I am not going anywhere, whose to say where I will be?

You're full of shit, just because you don't understand me doesn't mean I can't be understood.

You don't give a fuck, how can you come to a final conclusion of how  deep my heart feels?

You will not amount to anything, well maybe in your lifetime, but it isn't  your call.

You have no friends, I may not be your friend doesn't mean I don't have people in my corner.

I'm not what you say, because I'm not the same person I was an hour ago, a day ago, a month ago, or a year ago.

I'm not what you say, because there's always room for growth & improvement.

I'm not what you say, because only time will tell who I become.

I'm not what you say because I  no longer accept your lies as my truth.

I'm am forever growing & evolving to be the person I am destined to be. And I don't need your permission to do so.

I'm not what you say....