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Welcome to the Plays and Scripts Section!

This section is for you to share your plays and scripts and gain feedback on them.

They can be of any length, using as many posts as needed. You can use series, parts, and chapters (think of them as acts!) to separate or group works together.

Please only post one work per topic, and do not post any work that is copyrighted to someone else or not your own work. All works retain their copyright, what you write is always yours! Thank you for sharing!


Series: METALBENDER, Chapter 2, by Poet Plastic
3 Replies
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Series: ATHM: PREVIEW, by Poet Plastic
8 Replies
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7 Replies
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Series: Naked, Part 1, by Rainman
2 Replies
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Series: METALBENDER, Chapter 1, by Poet Plastic
8 Replies
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5 Replies
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1 Replies
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